About me

Hello, my name is Jerome Humbert and I have a passion for computer development.

I started using a computer around the age of 5 and, watching my father develop scientific tools on his Atari ST, I soon started myself to develop, first in Basic and then in C/C++. I never stopped since then.

I graduated as a French engineer in 2006 after passing the national competitive exam and acquiring a solid formation in various fields of engineering. As it is commonly the case in France for top-level engineering schools, the first 2 years are indeed dedicated to acquiring a diversified knowledge — from mathematics and electronics to chemistry and economy. During this time, I acquired some profesionnal experience in web development. Conversely, the final year is commited to prepare the future engineers to their post-graduation life through an emphasis in a specific field. Given my passion for programming, an obvious choice was to specialize in software engineering. Yet I was concerned about not getting the most of this education which was targetted as student engineer with almost no experience in development.

Instead, my never-ending curiosity and my interest for architecture led me to study the art of designing buildings. And by the end of my final year, I had the unique opportunity to enjoy a dual position as a structural and software engineer. I took up the challenge of designing and developing a 3D modeling tool for our numerical simulations based on the experience of my colleagues on former projects. This in-house tool was then used by my colleagues and myself on actual industrial projects, and is still in use as of 2013.

Today, I am employed as a researcher specialized in numerical simulations of buildings undergoing seismic events. I conceive 3D models of timber specimens and perform earthquake resistance simulations using the finite element method, a more accurate and time-consuming method but similar to the one used nowadays for physical simulations in games. And during my spare time, when I am not climbing rocks or skiing, I enjoy studying the source code of e.g. Doom 3, browsing W3C standards to design this website, having a beer with the French community here in Seoul, and more often than not making my own game engines and renderer prototypes motivated by the last game I played or GDC presentation I read.

When I am not watching movies with or eating the delicious meals of my talented and lovely wife, you can reach me on Twitter (@djeedai), through the contact form here, or through any other mean as mentioned on the home page.

— Jerome

Some of my favorite tools

Powerful multi-platform vector graphics editor. Used for the design of this website.
Kate, the KDE Advanced Text Editor, is to me the best text editor on Linux.
C++ IDE integrating Kate as its default text editor, and supporting several build systems and revision control systems.
Professional-level multi-platform 3D modeling and rendering tool with integrated game engine.

A few useful websites

The Mozilla developer portal includes a reference of the implementation of all web standards implemented into its Gecko layout engine (Firefox).
An extensive reference on web-related languages and standards, with live examples.
colorzilla.com gradient editor
A full-featured Photoshop-like visual editor of CSS gradients with support for most browsers.
Complete C/C++ reference documentation including the recent c++11 standard.